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Boot camp for new engineers at CDD

All new employees attended a week long boot camp at CDD as an induction on the structure and functioning of the organization. Workshops were led by in-house experts and veterans of the organization who introduced new staff to the different departments and their scope of work.

CDD Activities

Boot camp for new engineers at CDD

The new engineers participated in various interactive workshops intended to make them familiar with the skills and knowledge required by all employees. They were made aware of current scenario of wastewater treatment and management in India and taught the concepts of DEWATSTM; they were also introduced to the concept of faecal sludge treatment and management.

The new incumbents are now aware of the present scenario of water scarcity and wastewater treatment and management and also of the process of designing DEWATSTM. Training also included exposing participants to various soft skills like pitching, body language, etc. that are required in sales.