Towards Ecological Prosperity

EcoPro is an Auroville-based non-governmental organisation which promotes integrated management of liquid and solid "wastes", eco-friendly approaches in environmental hygiene and sanitation, and sustainable methods and technologies in food production. In the context of the Nexus Project, EcoPro facilitates the intervention concept “EcoSan by urine-diverting dry toilets (UDDTs)”. Moreover, EcoPro is an important knowledge partner for the topic of ecological sanitation, and contributes to Nexus trainings and workshops on a regular basis.

St. John’s Medical College

St. John's Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka

The mission of St. John's is to train health care professionals who are ready to reach out to the medically unreached of the nation. Accordingly, St. John’s cooperation with CDD Society’s Nexus project focuses on (small-scale) farmers and agricultural workers. In order to refine safety recommendations, combat under- and malnutrition, and to close knowledge gaps in the public health sector, a large-scale study on the health risks of using untreated human waste in agriculture is currently being conceived.

University of Agricultural Sciences, Gandhi Krishni Vignan Kendra (GKVK)

The University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore is a premier institution of agricultural education and research in the country. GKVK provides expert advice and guidance on agriculture, composting, reuse of wastewater, faecal sludge and urine to the Nexus project. Furthermore, the university provides project members with students’ and interns’ support from GKVK to work in agricultural projects on and off field.


Enabling Sustainablity

Prakruthi is an international not-for-profit organisation working in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Prakruthi’s programmes support the poor and the marginalized in various hard to reach sectors such as tea, coffee, sugarcane, cotton and garments. Our activities touch the life of more than 50.000 families. We envision that linking corporate social responsibility of companies can address poverty issues and sustainable development in trying to achieve our stated mission.