Nexus Annual Newsletter - 2015
Nexus Website launched-December 2015
The launch of the Nexus website is a starting point to continuously share information on current events related to the project as well as background information from literature, the Nexus network and CDD own experience. Stakeholders, project partners and everyone engaged and interested in sanitation and agriculture are welcome to learn from this website, stay updated and get in touch. Please access the link click
Use of faecal sludge in Devanahalli - December 2015
In Devanahalli, a new Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant (FSTP) has been built which will generate dried sludge on a daily basis. In drying and composting process, this sludge will be treated and will become a valuable fertilizer for the farmers in the area.
Project site at Beedi Workers Colony, Bangalore - November 2015
Currently in the Nexus project, the focus lies on practical implementation of reuse of treated wastewater from the DEWATS unit for agricultural production in Beedi Workers Colony. This DEWATS unit is in operation since 2003, however, the effluent has not been used until now. The piece of land next to the settlement, where the biogas settler of the plant is installed, is now used as a kitchen garden irrigated with treated wastewater.
EcoSan UDDT-Toilets in Dindivanam, Bhooderi and Kalrayan Hills in Tamil Nadu - September 2015
The project partner EcoPro focuses on the separation of urine and faeces and the reuse of the nutrients without diluting them as it is done in flush toilets. The urine is used along with the irrigation while the faecal matter dries in the pits which are alternately filled. A strong emphasis during implementation lies on the durability of the toilet systems and on the involvement of their users.
Prefeasibility studies across Bangalore and Mysore - October 2015
To identify further project sites for lighthouse projects numerous sites in and around Bangalore as well as in Mysore have been visited to assess its potential to establish demonstration projects.
In-house training on Nexus concepts - August 2015
To increase the knowledge about the reuse of sanitation products among CDD staff, an in-house training on 'Ecological linking of Sanitation, Agriculture and Nutrition' was conducted from 4th-6th August 2015. Throughout three days of intensive learning for 16 participants from CDD and EcoPro, the external experts Lucas Dengel (EcoPro), Sreevidya (CDD society), Anke Schuermann and Matti Hanisch (BORDA) held sessions on agriculture, sanitation and nutrition related topics.
Project planning - August 2015
A milestone in the planning process of the project was achieved with a comprehensive Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) to give a clear understanding of the project until its end in 2017. In this, the team worked together with Matti Hanisch from BORDA.
Expert Consultation Meet - June 2015
Under Nexus project, various experts from the fields of public health, sanitation, agriculture, nutrition and policy had attended the Expert Consultation Meet on 23rd- 24th June 2015. This expert meet was successfully concluded with inputs on future project planning as well as building partnerships with relevant organizations.
Project partners
We are happy to welcome two project partners- EcoPro in Auroville, represented by Lucas Dengel who has expertise in the field of EcoSan Solutions and St. Johns Medical College with its mission to spread health care to the medically unreached, represented by Dr. B. Ramakrishna Goud, who works in close connection with local farmers in rural health center in Mugalur.
Literature Review - March 2015
A detailed literature study of the status-quo of wastewater reuse in agriculture has been conducted and is continuously extended throughout the project. The literature was reviewed under four broad themes a) Impact of wastewater reuse on human health b) Impact of wastewater reuse on soil and crop health c) Different treatment technologies for wastewater reuse d) Economic feasibility of reusing treated domestic wastewater The objective throughout the entire project is to gain and share knowledge about the complex topic of nutrient reuse from sanitation in agriculture.

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