" With a large population and a rapidly growing economy the mounting challenge of 'waste' can only be addressed by reuse as the fundamental design intervention idea.

[Recycling and reuse of human waste] can help mitigate negative health and environmental effects as well as add to food and water security.

[The biggest challenges in the reuse space that governments and the public in general should resolve as quickly as possible is getting the right institutional framework and building capacities to address reuse in a holistic manner. "

- Vishwanath S, Principal architect & managing director of Biome Solutions, NEXUS Advisory Board

" Farming is becoming very tough today due to uncertain rain and increased cost of production. Use of wastewater in agriculture has become a ray of hope for farmers, as it addresses both these issues. […] If all farmers used it, it would reduce the demand for chemical fertilizers, and the dependency on private fertilizer industries. "

- Shivareddy, agricultural implementation for CDD Society Bangalore

"While construction and operation of conventional sanitation systems, from toilets and water supply to sewerage, sewage treatment and sludge management, are expensive, it is the lack of sanitation that is unaffordable to all countries. Lack of sanitation leads to the high incidence of sanitation-related diseases, a high death toll especially amongst children, lower school attendance and to a massive loss of productivity. In order to decrease investment and running expenses for sanitation infrastructure, fresh approaches must be sought to use nutrients and water in cycles while achieving optimum hygiene. "

- Lucas Dengel, Executive EcoPro, Auroville

" As we work in the wastewater sector, we work with the concept of ‘wastewater’ as a resource. In the context that there are many cities in India suffering from water scarcity, the concept of treating wastewater and making it re-usable for different purposes is the way that all our wastewater treatment projects need to be developed. Reuse is not just applicable for the ‘wastewater’ work that we do but also for the faecal sludge management and solid waste management work. Reuse application (treated wastewater/compost from faecal sludge and municipal waste) is perhaps most easily applicable in the agriculture (urban agriculture/garden/ landscape development) sector but if economically viable can also be explored for different markets like construction, lake rejuvenation. Reuse for me is sustainable resource management and working with the ‘cyclic’ ecological concept rather than being resource intensive with linear approaches. "

- Susmita Sinha, BORDA India Ltd