Farmers' training

CDD Society’s one-day training programme for farmers on “Safe Reuse Practices of Human Waste and Wastewater in Agriculture” addresses the use of treated faecal sludge and wastewater in agriculture. Topics like adequate irrigation methods, soil conditioning with faecal sludge, safety measures to protect public health and environment, are discussed in depth and demonstrated in practice.

In-house training

In order to sensitise fellow colleagues from diverse professional fields such as urban planning, sanitary engineering and social work for the topic of reuse and resource recovery, the team regularly conducts training sessions on different dimensions and kinds of reuse. The main objective is to ensure that reuse and recovery, albeit at the end of the sanitation value chain, are taken into consideration already in the early stages of planning and designing treatment solutions.

Training of international sector professionals

Under the Nexus Project, professional stakeholders from different countries and organisational backgrounds are trained in detail on specific reuse interventions, such as the co-composting of pre-treated faecal sludge with organic wet waste from markets or households. They are exposed to the concept of reuse and recovery in the context of mounting global resource scarcity, are sensitised to the risks associated with using untreated human waste in agriculture, and how to mitigate such risks in practice.