The Project Nexus aims to create a rippling effect through holistic interventions based on pilot demonstrations to showcase safe reuse of wastewater and faecal sludge in agriculture as well as network establishment and capacity building of various stakeholders. These objectives are reflected in the Key Result Areas explained below:

Result 1:

Network Establishment

  • - Strengthen enabling    environment

    - Create inter-stakeholder    dialogues

    - Develop integrated and    sustainable sanitation solutions

Result 2:

Conceptualisation & Planning

  • - Extensive research on safe    reuse

    - Localised intervention concepts

    - Pre-feasibility and feasibility    studies

    - Detailed implementation plans

Result 3:

  Pilot Demonstration

  • - Pilot safe reuse options

    - Develop institutional    framework

    - Information Education and   Communication campaigns

    - Develop marketing strategies

    - Ensure efficient O&M

Result 4:

            Capacity Building

  • - Document and disseminate    findings

    - Build stakeholder capacities

    - Develop training modules for   different target groups

    - Customised training    programmes

    - Standard operating procedures    and guidelines for safe reuse