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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management at CDD Society transforms knowledge into a tangible resource through the use of appropriate knowledge management tools.

CDD Society is a highly knowledge dependent organisation and one that has been growing substantially in the last couple of years, a Knowledge Management team with a consolidated mandate to give specialized support to the programme units would increase the efficiency of the organisation.

Through the Knowledge Management there is a systematical sharing knowledge across the organization and with the larger civil society. The Unit consists of a multi-disciplinary professional team . In its second year now, the Unit continued to strengthen CDD Society’s activities by providing support in effective documentation of implementation and of the project management software. Preparation and publications of brochures and IEC materials in coordination with the ongoing activities.

Key Activities

  Information - writing and documentation of information and knowledge produced by CDD Society.

  The knowledge management unit facilitates the service delivery units to streamline specific activity and it's corresponding outputs, outcomes, results and impacts.

   Knowledge on Sanitation Solutions - CASS exhibition unit to disseminate knowledge on sanitation solutions

  Implementation of Quality Management System (QMS) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  Publication - Publishing and disseminating effective and accurate information in order to promote the project activities and achievements through print and broadcasting media.

  Preparation and publications of PR materials

   Participation at National and International Forums for knowledge sharing in the WASH sector

Knowledge Dissemination

A systematic and well targeted dissemination of information is the key to success of appropriate sanitation intervention. CDD has set off well defined tools and techniques for knowledge dissemination.

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Accomplishments in Brief

CDD Society’s commitment to reaching out to communities with grossly inadequate access to basic needs services means working along many verticals focusing on sustainable sanitation.