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Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS TM)


Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS TM)

DEWATSTM recommends a decentralised approach - building many smaller systems to treat wastewater close to the point of generation, enabling water to be effectively reused for toilet flushing and gardening. Simplydesigned using natural bacteria, plants and gravity instead of electricity and chemicals, it is ideal for India where electricity is not reliably available and skilled manpower is hard to come by. It is also very easy to integrate aesthetically into built environments and is adaptable to a variety of wastewater characteristics.

Key Features of DEWATSTM

 80% Lower O&M costs than comparable technologies
 No electricity required
 No chemicals added
 Minimal maintenance
 Integrated with landscaping
 Produces biogas and nutrient-rich water that arere-usable
 Capacity 1,000 - 1 Million liters per day (1-1,000 KLPD)

Prefabricated DEWATSTM

The advantages of prefabricated DEWATSTM units are that they are light weight and thus easy to transport, operation and maintenance is easier, cost is competitive and comes with significant treatment efficiency.


DEWATSTM units comprises of different modular combinations. The modules proposed range from settler to superior anaerobic systems like baffle reactor, fixed bed filters and aerobic systems like planted gravel filter, ponds etc.