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Community Based Sanitation (CBS)

CBS is demand driven, relying on active participation and contributions from communities and other stakeholders for improved livelihood and sanitation infrastructure in urban poor areas.

CDD Society creates an impact through its Community Based Sanitation (CBS) projects. This service helps poorer communities improve their sanitary conditions with appropriate facilities that are efficient, manageable and sustainable and develop a better hygiene behavior. CBS projects can be undertaken in two ways,

  Providing community toilets along with wastewater treatment system.

  Providing a Simplified Sewerage System (SSS) connecting households in a community to a DEWATS™.

The CBS service has a strong focus on social and management measures to ensure equal access and sustainable management of the sanitation facilities. Along with network partners, the Society has improved the lives of more than 0.1 million people by implementing CBS projects across different states in India and Nepal.

Key features of CBS

  Identification of suitable sanitation options

  Tool for successful technical planning from the ground-up

  Provision of (easy) access to technical information

  Greater sustainability of CBS systems due to full reflection of the preferences of community and stakeholders

  Community plays an active and direct role in decision making right from the inception and is part of the planning, implementation and management of CBS unit

  CBS bridges the gap between the usual (and inadequate) septic tank and the more expensive sewerage system/network (the latter is often beyond the reach for the urban and peri-urban poor)

  Community makes a choice based on an assessment of their requirements

   Local stake holders and communities are responsible for ensuring sustainable O&M of systems.

Toilet Complex Integrated with DEWATSTM

A Women’s Group’s Struggle for Sanitation in Rajendra Nagar, Kolhapur.

A CBS-DEWATS™ Case Study

The Changing Face of a Slum Community, CBS and Slum Development Project, East Devadhanam, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India.
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Promoting Sustainable Sanitation Solutions

This video shows the CBS DEWATSTM at Kolhapur.